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October 18, 2000



Enough is enough. The people of Cincinnati deserve better. $500 million taxpayer dollars for a brand-new stadium, 10 years since their last appearance in an AFC Championship Game, Running-Back Corey Dillon slamming helmets on the turf, Head-Coach Bruce Coslet resigning in disgust after three games, held under 20 points and 0-6 on the year, - when the tiger loses his stripes, whats an Enraged Bengal Fan to do?
Create an online community for depressed, disappointed and disgusted fans, of course. After all, misery loves company. Join hundreds of others who have already signed the petition to remove Mike Brown from day-to-day operations.
Features of the newly launched site include NFL Bengal Updates (They Lose Again), Local Guest Columnists (We Live Here), Player News (Warrick Steals Pants), Fantasy Football Rotisserie (Drop All Of Them), Message Boards (Please Hold Me), Team Schedule (Who Will Kick Our Ass This Week) and the one-and-only licensed place to order "Mike Brown Sucks" T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers. All this hosted by the tearful mascot Fraidy Cat, who will lead local citizens in a boycott of the December 3rd Arizona home-game A.K.A. The Mike Brown Sucks Dot-Com Bowl.
Launched September 24th after the final straw loss to Baltimore (37-0), is the brainchild of life-long Bengal fan and e-commerce consultant Dave Young and internet creative director B. Chase Peel. Said Young, "No one wants to blame the players or the fans. Im just giving people the small comfort of the truth: we look it straight in the eye and together we say Hey, Mike Brown sucks, yall."
Purely driven by passionate fans, Young has already been overwhelmed with volunteer locals to write columns and features from the heartland of Bengal Blues. Now, for the first time, displaced Cincinnati anger has a home-cooked place to unload using the power of the Web. Anyone can now deliver play ideas and suggestions directly to the management on fine-tuning and improving the No-Score Offense.
Asked about future plans for the venture, crusader Young said, "We will keep calling out owner Mike Brown until he steps up and accounts for his actions. This man must be held responsible for what hes done. Its just the right thing to do."




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