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 Guest Columnist
Fraidy Cat always wants fans of the Bengals or fans of this site to contribute, so send us your ranting essays or your clever insights and if we like it, we'll post it here.  Try to make it of interest to everyone and not just an extended message board post!

7-6-03 Bengals '03 - Important Dates - by The Coroner 
1-1-03 A Cliff's Notes Guide To The Bengals 2002 - by The Coroner 
1-8-01 Lil Mikey - The Suer.  Get Him a Diaper - ChrisMBHATER 
1-7-01 A Decade of Shame - by The Coroner 
11-4-00 All The President's Men - by The Coroner 
10-24-00 Quoth the Cynic. . . Nevermore! - by Keith Sowder - Fan Poetry
10-23-00 Letter to Jeff Berding, a Rebuttal - by IanStew
10-19-00 Can it Really Get Any Worse?!? - by Joe Dooley
10-19-00 Ode to the Bengals - Enraged Fan Poetry from the Message Board
10-12-00 Local Business responds to Jeff Berding of the Bengals - This is a well known and prominent businessman in the Cincinnati area who has contributed to the franchise via advertising and sponsorship.  This letter is his response to attempts by the Bengals staff to sell him an open luxury box.
10-10-00 Coaching Change Brings New Hope To Cincinnati - Fake News



Disclaimer - The opinions expressed and implied here are those of the contributing fan columnist and may not be those of Fraidy.  Of course then again they probably are.

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