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Message From Fraidy Cat Archive

1/7/2001 - Hello Fellow Enraged Bengal Fans.  As you can see, we have added some new content!  For those who haven't looked at much of our older stuff, required reading for anyone on MikeBrownSucks.com is the letter from a local businessman in Cincinnati to Jeff Bearding.  If you don't know why this site exists, you will when you finish it.  The best thing on our site, IMHO.  Read it here.  

Also, you may see the reader response pages as our leadoff item.  What impresses me so much is the number of people from other cities and other teams who have chimed in.  Even our archrivals in Cleveland have chimed in with support. And when ya got Brownies supporting a Bengals site, ya know you've struck a chord!  Thanks to BTNG.com for spreading the love.

Again, I'd like to thank everyone who has sent in offers for donations or legal help; only time will tell if your services are needed.

Finally, I'd like to say again that MikeBrownSucks.com isn't going anywhere.


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