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About Us - The Creators of MikeBrownSucks.com


Dave Young

Born and raised in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, Dave Young is a life long Bengals fan. After attending Highlands High School and college at the University of Evansville, Dave moved to sunny Los Angeles where he began working for "THE MAN" as a stuffed suit and award winning desk jockey. Between stints in rehab and federal prison, Dave formed a team with recovering WBC World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Whitener. Thus far, the duo has managed to ruin several promising companies and violate both international and domestic animal cruelty laws. They also created MikeBrownSucks.com.

When not assuming the persona of Fraidy Cat, Dave acts as the president and founder of a boutique e-commerce consultancy helping to move both new and established companies onto the internet with strategic consulting, application development, and decision support services.


Kurt Whitener

Born in Memphis and raised in Tennessee, Indiana, Maryland, and Connecticut, Kurt somehow became a devoted fan of the Bears.  After attending Southern Connecticut State University, Kurt took up work in the Video Game Industry both designing games and working in the print media.  He quickly 'sold out' and took a position in sunny LA as a Producer working for "THE MAN".  After testing high for a certain 'moral flexibility' Kurt was recruited for CIA sniper school where he met former Opthalmalic Surgeon Dave Young.  Thus far they've helped rescue an undisclosed number of corporate hostages and crushed several puppet governments.  They also created MikeBrownSucks.com.

Between missions, Kurt works as a writer, producer, and director for feature films and television.  World famous in Europe, Kurt's work is shown daily in screenings at the Keyhole Bar in Bromley, Kentucky.


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