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 in the News
Just like any other homegrown site passionate about their ideals, we're very excited when the issues we care about are given their due attention.  In addition to our press releases, here you can find links to stories about this website in the mainstream press.



Web Sites Worth Sports Fans' Time - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Anti-Brown Website Bucks NFL - Cincinnati Enquirer


NFL Cracks Down On Anti-Brown Website  - Cincinnati Enquirer


Fans Hope Targets Get Tangled - USAToday
11-5-00 Landscape Never Changes in Cincy -
10-25-00 Bengals Fans Take Protests to the Web -
10-21-00 Fans' Frustration Breeds Web Sites Calling For Action - Columbus Dispatch
10-19-00 Bengals Backlash Spawns Angry Web Sites - NewsNet5 covers us as well.
10-19-00 Web Site Declares 'Mike Brown Sucks!' - has posted a feature news piece about our site and disgruntled Bengal fans.
10-18-00 Covered on WCPO Channel 9 News - Channel 9 News recently did an excellent news piece on our site and made great references to the frustration of all Bengals fans.  The link above takes you directly to the video broadcast which is also available with a text article on the WCPO website here: Bengals' Fans Find New Outlet For Frustrations.
10-18-00 Fans Become Journalists And Fight Back - Official Press Release




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