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Can it really get any worse?!? The Comedy(?) of Errors keeps on going (and going, and going.......)
10/19/00 by Joe Dooley - Guest Football Columnist

Hello again, Bengals fans!!! We are approaching Week 8 of the NFL Season and the Cincinnati Bengals stand at dismal 0 – 6. They have been shutout in three games as they press on in a long, painful, embarrassing season which could end with the Mike Brown led 2000 Bengals being one of the worst “professional” sports teams in modern history. After losing 15 – 0 to the “not what they used to be “ Steelers, the questions still continue to roll in, even though the talk radio shows rehash the same complaints and questions over and over. All the Hoos in Hooville (Cincinnati) want to ask the Grinch who stole football (Mike Brown) some questions. Here are some that I like:

  1. How does this very unsuccessful program plan to repay the generosity of the (foolhardy) taxpayers and fans? 
  2. How many good intentions does it take to assemble a playoff caliber football team? 
  3. Do you think not letting the Reds put grass in Cinergy Field was a cool thing to do (or not do)? 
  4. Doesn’t Bruce Coslet’s decision to step down tell you something (maybe subtly)? 
  5. How many promising young careers must your regime be responsible for destroying? 
  6. Do you think your most respected father would approve of your performance and the product you and your family are providing? 
  7. Didn't Vince Lombardi say “Winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing?"

And two last questions which are heavily influenced by Paul Daugherty ‘s interview with Mike Brown on the Weekend of October 15 in the Cincinnati Enquirer: 

  1. How many questions will you not have the guts to answer? 
  2. And finally, is it possible that the “right mix” of people will never include you?

As a season ticket holder, I ask these questions every time I pay $50 to watch this tragically futile attempt to compete with even the lowest tier of NFL competition. I ask questions: How can I go on supporting this crap? Do I give up my season tickets? Do I continue to pay good money for crappy entertainment? Will this franchise ever try to be something that I can feel remotely decent about supporting? Does the Brown family care about the city and the fans who support this team? Will we ever again get to enjoy pro football the same way other Midwestern cities such as Indy, KC, Detroit, Tennessee, etc. do? And by the way, what about the people who didn’t get the seats that they supposedly were promised?



Disclaimer - The opinions expressed and implied here are those of the contributing fan columnist and may not be those of Fraidy.  Of course then again they probably are.

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