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Lil Mikey - The Suer.  Get Him a Diaper
1/8/01 by ChrisMBHATER - An Average Fan From the Message Boards

I don't want this site to be sued into oblivion by the eternal insufferable fool, lil' mikey boy. Let him sue though. It's just more negative publicity for the man, and will surely bring his arrogance/stupidity/selfishness/ and foolishness even more out into the open for all the world to see. Apparently MB, Paul Tagliabue, and the NFL don't believe in freedom of speech. I guess they want a bunch of mindless, robotic, docile "fans."

Mike Brown not only sucks at what he purports to do (a GM in the NFL?...what a JOKE!) but he seems to be bordering on the edge of insanity here. Any "normal" person would say "'s been ten years...I don't know my ass from a football...I better get out." Does lil' Mikey? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! He's like the energizer bunny...he keeps "going..and going...and going". AND LOSING AND LOSING AND LOSING! 

So instead of doing the right thing (getting as far from the team as is possible) he wants to run to the courts! And not to do anything that will help his team, but to whine/cry/moan/bitch and whinny like a horse about how mean all of us "little people" are to him. So I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to vent here, but if this site is taken down, I'm suing Mikey boy- his boyfriend Paul "be patient" Tagliabue, and the NFL for interfering with my high blood pressure venting therapy.  I guess what Mikey BOY SELFISH EGO DRIVEN MORON is trying to say is: "Our fans have no right to complain that we suck." Well, You SUCK MIKE BROWN. YOU SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK! 

You are a disgrace to your father! We all realize is it that you, his own son, can't see that now? Do you think he's happy looking down at what you've done to his legacy MIKEY? Is your family happy not being able to show their disgraced faces in public? DO you like torturing them? What world do you live in you IDIOT! Wake up to reality buddy! Without this team, which you had nothing to do with acquiring, save for the death of Paul Brown, you would be nothing! You'd be suckin' cheese off old pizza boxes in dumpsters, cause your too friggin' dim to get by in life on your own. 

You obviously are incapable of making the right decisions in life. MIKEY....YOU ARE AN UTTER<TOTAL< ABJECT FAILURE! And that's with the team that you had nothing to do with bringing into existence, save for your fortune at being born the son of Paul Brown. Imagine what your life would be like w/out it! How ashamed your father must be of you. Why do you have no shame? 

There is money. But money ain't everything MIKEY. It sure can't buy you dignity, can it MIKEY? It can't buy you sanity either! You have the worst record and reputation in the history of the NFL as an owner/GM. Hows that feel Mikey? None of your precious money that you worship can erase that fact. ANd this isn't politics MIkey. History won't be re-written in order to save your insipid face. Get out now MIkey. Your dignity and sanity has already been thrown away forever.........what's next?

I hope the people who started this site win. If you guys post an address for legal contributions, I'll do what I can. (it won't be megabucks....but if we all contribute...) So suck it Mikey. And Mr. can shove it too! Don't lecture us on being "patient" you idiot! Who's your team, Paul? Do you have a favorite? Isn't 10 years of Mikey's failure patience enough? You are almost as stupid as MIkey boy. You've done all you can to make the league the N(o) F(un) L(eague), what with all your PC no taunting no celebrating no fun rules. These are all grown men Paul...I'm sure they can take the taunting and celebrating. If they couldn't they wouldn't be playing such a tough, physical sport. Take your PC thought control and stick it up your ass Tagliabue!

Disclaimer - The opinions expressed and implied here are those of the contributing fan columnist and may not be those of Fraidy.  Of course then again they probably are.

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