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100-200 Futility Award Ceremony - Video

Members of MikeBrownSucks.com held a presentation ceremony for the "100-200 Futility Award," December 26, 2010 at Molly Malone's Irish Pub and Restaurant. Mike Brown, president and CEO of the Cincinnati Bengals NFL franchise was the winner of this prestigious award, landing him atop the pantheon of insensate figures who exemplify gross underachievement and mismanagement.

To view videos of the ceremony click the links below (Thanks to Mark Dombeck for the production and post production):

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZqnsu7RGME

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2QLtIGCWqQ

Members of MikeBrownSucks.com would like to thank Molly Malone's for hosting this event and the long list of people who, without their efforts, none of this would happen.  While this is a partial list, major contributors include:

BMNCaper - Award creator

StorminCincy - Award plaque artist; producer and community outreach for donations to help the homeless

Psychostats - Producer

Dacow - Award Presenter

SoCali  - Venue coordinator, camera assist, and PR

JB - Master of Ceremonies

Family Circus - Public Relations and Social Network Integration Manager

Molly Malone's - Venue provider

Who Dey Revolution - Cross Promotion, Brothers in Arms, and community outreach for donations to help the homeless

MikeBrownSucks.com would also like to thank some of our founding members who joined the cause nearly a decade ago. 

To those who are here, we thank you. 

For those we haven't heard from, please stop by. 

For those who have gone on, God bless you.

BengalFanInNJ - Aug 16 2001

BengalTrooper - Oct 28 2002

Bengal_Boy - Aug 16 2001

BooDEY - Aug 16 2001

Broncobux - Oct 20 2001

chris-MBHATER - Aug 16 2001

Cinciwebster - Aug 16 2001

Dacow - Oct 20 2001

DaveinWV - Oct 22 2002

Dunn4QB - Oct 22 2002  (May he rest in peace...you are missed)

Flapjack - Aug 16 2001

GrettoBengal - Dec 29 2002

LoyalSeahawkFan - Aug 16 2001

Murf12 - Dec 29 2002

OMARDABULLY - Aug 16 2001

OSUfan - Aug 16 2001

s3por2d - Oct 22 2002

SaintsFanToo - Aug 16 2001

Shapu - Aug 16 2001

Stixdawg - Oct 20 2001

Stormincincy - Dec 15 2001

Takinitintherear - Dec 15 2001

Way-to-long - Dec 03 2001

Westcoastbengal - Nov 06 2002

Wyche - Jan 10 2002


"This is Turdbucket signing off for the final time. It was a good ride with all you guys. I'm not going to mention anyone except Fraidy, Dunn, CMBH, Murf and Storm. I really enjoyed my time talking with everyone. Honestly, I have been given a 2 month chance of survival and not many days after that if I make it. After many, many surgeries for my ongoing lung and liver problems I will only tell you to live life to it's fullest.

My lungs are kapoot, too many years of hard living and smoking, not to mention the bourbon. By the way, did I mention the bourbon? One of my final wish is that all you boys can enjoy a Super Bowl win very soon. Tomorrow I enter the City of Hope hospice for my final days. I will root for all you guys on the other side. Tearfully, I say cheers to everyone, you've been great.