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Quotes from the Message Board:

I am a loyal Raider fan and the only encouraging words I can offer is that the pressure you apply now and in the future to the ownership does have an effect. After our 4-12 season in 97, the pressure on Al Davis was so enormous that he eventually signed a brilliant young coach and the teams personal savior.

It would have been better to follow the Cleveland Browns' example...let the jerk move the team, win an expansion franchise, and then build a stadium for the new team.

Mike Brown, get out of operations, hire somebody who has a least a clue of what they are doing. 
                          Some Guy

In case you didn't know, this site or organization is in no way affiliated or authorized by the Cincinnati Bengals, the NFL, or NFL Properties. 




Welcome to MikeBrownSucks.com!  Where we've been fightin' THE MAN since the year 2000! 

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Mike Brown's Record as Owner/GM: 

114 - 205 - 1 (.358)

"If you screw up on your job once, it's your fault.  If you do it for 17 years, it's your boss's."

- MBS.com Forum Poster

MikeBrownSucks.com - 
A Great Bengals Community
By Fraidy Cat

Over the last five years, MikeBrownSucks.com has been a gathering place for frustrated Bengals fans from around the world.  As the Bengals have responded to their critics by implementing many changes, MikeBrownSucks.com has also changed from an activist oriented site to a dynamic and vibrant community of fans.  Though there are many sites on the web that offer better news, fresher content, and flashier graphics, there's no better site on the web to talk Bengals Football.  

You won't find heavy handed moderation here.  You won't find a ton of rules.  What you will find is a group of people who can dish it out and take it, generally police themselves, and allow others to express themselves even when no one else agrees.

So with that, welcome to the site.  Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, stay awhile, and be a part of the best group of fans on the internet.


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